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Educational coaching can be extremely beneficial in a school or college environment for students and teachers alike. Facilitating powerful change in the classroom for both teachers and students can be a key focus for some educational centres that wish to revitalise their teaching style or the attitude of the student body.

Teachers already facilitate their own development through Continuous Professional Development programs and teacher training, however, many teachers find that they benefit greatly from an educational coaching course as it allows them to focus solely on their own goals and what they need to do to improve. The confidence, self- belief and attitude of a teacher can be positively changed by the experience of professional educational coaching. Similarly, students can benefit extremely from this kind of interaction as it provides a new way of focusing on their personal targets while acting as an inspirational tool for overcoming personal challenges.


The Positive Effects of Educational Coaching

Our variety of packages offer a range of benefits for teachers and students in both their professional and personal lives. Whether taken together or separately everyone will feel the benefits of our large range of educational courses that will affect the overall attitude of the learning environment.

Teachers can benefit from: an increase in focus, self-reflection on teaching methods, the highlighting of areas for improvement, the development of personal targets and goals and an increased commitment to learning methods and personal CPD.

Students can benefit from: Increased motivation, higher focus on personal targets, increased lesson engagement, better parental engagement, the development of personal goals, a more positive outlook and increased commitment and confidence.


Our Educational Coaching Courses

We offer a variety of educational coaching courses to suit all students and teachers.

All teachers have a continuing focus on their Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Educational coaching is normally used when a teacher feels the need to evaluate their professional position and what they can possibly do to improve in their career overall. Our programs take a proactive approach to this by providing a tailored course instead of the generic teacher training programs that most teachers take annually. Our courses can be structured on an individual basis to work out what needs and goals should be fulfilled by each person. Even if the students do not receive direct educational coaching, they will reap the benefits of these courses through the revitalised attitude of their teachers. The teacher will be able to apply the constructive skills that they have mastered during the coaching to help students solve their own educational and personal challenges.

However, educational coaching need not be just for the teachers. Many students feel unmotivated and disillusioned by their educational experience at one time or another and because of this many will struggle to reach personal goals and educational targets. These educational courses work with students to motivate them both at school and in their personal lives, involving teachers, parents or guardians if necessary to help struggling students overcome challenges and regain focus. Students can feel more in charge of their learning and their educational lives by taking one of our tailored educational courses for students.

All of our courses are documented so that you will have a step by step auditable trail. 

CPD for Teachers  

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