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Five steps to motivate you to take action

This seminar has been developed by Ruth Pearson to share strategies that she has used to motivate individuals to take action in their personal and professional lives.

A teacher by trade, Ruth Pearson has worked with staff and students in a number of schools. She has also worked with individuals from a range of other backgrounds. As part of her MA Education she researched the question, “Why do individuals who have the same opportunities in life achieve different outcomes?” Although there are many complex issues in answering this question, one main factor that affected all individuals was their level of motivation. Although leaning on Ruth's experiences in education, the seminar is heavily focussed on how everyone can increase their level of motivation by following the five steps strategy shown below


The 5 STEPS are:

Start – review and decide where you want to be and set about achieving it
Team – surround yourself with a supportive team
Emotions – how do you feel about what you’re going through? 
Positivity – do something positive towards your goal
Success – what would success look like for you?


The first session outlines some of the steps that Ruth has undertaken over the past couple of years when dealing with her own personal challenges. Follow-up sessions are then available which go through how each of the 5 steps can be implemented and you will be given the opportunity to apply them to your own personal circumstances. 

Although intended for a general audience Ruth’s system for overcoming challenges can be easily adapted to suit business and educational audiences.  


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