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Personal Development

Personal development is often a box that companies feel they have to tick rather than an effective business tool. Our courses focus on using personal development to achieve specific business goals. 

We can work with individual members of staff to plan how they will acquire the skills they need with clear personalised steps and goals. We will also work with your leadership team so that they know how to effectively deploy and manage these skills so that your wider business goals are met.

Benefits of the Courses

Our packages benefit individuals and the organisations they work for through:


  • Increased productivity and a happier workplace
  • Improved work-life balance for you and your team
  • A workforce with the right skills for your business
  • Clear focus on your business goals

Find out about our introductory seminar

Five steps to overcoming challenges (introductory seminar)

Introductory seminar to our 5 steps for overcoming personal challenges.


Five steps to overcoming challenges seminar (5 sessions)

A program of 5 sessions covering 5 steps to overcoming your personal and professional challenges.


Five steps to increasing productivity in the workplace

Our 5 steps for overcoming challenges can equally be applied to achieving workplace goals.


Our state of the art online diagnostic test will pinpoint an individual's strengths and areas for improvement.


Personalised coaching sessions to develop your individual action plan and applying our 5 step program.


Personal development for teams or small businesses to improve team dynamics and productivity.


Personal development for larger teams and businesses. Assessing skills and setting clear business goals.